The Great Tech Game

‘A thoughtful analysis of the technology battles that got us to today – and where they might take us tomorrow’ – Adam Grant, #1 NYTimes bestselling author of Think Again

‘Suri truly comprehends the game’ – SD Shibulal, Co-Founder, Infosys

‘Deserves to be read by layman and scholar alike – Shivshankar Menon, former National Security Adviser, India

‘An inspiring read…’ – K. VijayRaghavan, Principal Scientific Adviser, Government of India

‘A terrific agenda-shaping book of our times’ – Sharad Sharma, co-founder, ISPIRT Foundation

‘Demystifies the rules of the game’ – Gurcharan Das, author

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TECHNOLOGY IS SHAPING our destinies, our economy, society and, indeed, our world. How can we make sense of the epochal changes we are living through? And, most importantly, what might we do to adapt to these changes?

In The Great Tech Game, Anirudh Suri offers us a big picture view by weaving a masterful story of the world we are living in and how we got here. Technology is the new wealth of nations, and the ‘great tech game’ is the global contest for technological, economic and geopolitical success. This contest is transforming the distribution of power in the world, intensifying economic rivalries, forging new geopolitical alignments and changing the nature of war.

This game is not only about the US-China strategic competition. All countries, including all of us, need to think about how to remain competitive and relevant in this new era. We can’t expect to win in the future by playing a game that belongs to the past. This book offers a game plan for nations to draw upon their comparative advantages and compete in the ‘great tech game’ through tailored strategies.

In this agenda-setting book for our times, Suri outlines the important choices we need to make regarding the design, use and governance of technology, and emphasizes that such choices must reflect the values that truly matter to us.

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A thoughtful analysis of the technology battles that got us to today – and where they might take us tomorrow.

Adam Grant, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Think Again and host of the TED podcast, WorkLife.

The Great Tech Game is an insightful account of the multiple and sometimes surprising ways in which technology and geopolitics interact to create our world… deserves to be widely read by layman and scholar alike.

Shivshankar Menon, former National Security Advisor, India.

The Great Tech Game is an inspiring read that describes growth as a complex phenomenon which requires politics, economics, sociology, global events, contingencies, everything to come together. The real examples and insights also provide a moment to contemplate and examine how and what India can do to participate in this evolutionary journey.

K. VijayRaghavan, Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India

In his book, The Great Tech Game, Anirudh Suri offers a fresh perspective on how technology has invaded our lives and is affecting everything we do. The scope of the narrative is comprehensive and multi-disciplinary, encompasses historical, global and social perspectives, geo-politics, international dynamics. This is something I feel has never been done before…Suri truly comprehends how the game has changed.

S.D. Shibulal, Co-founder, Infosys

Anirudh Suri’s timely book highlights why it’s essential that we as a society make better choices. As the book rightly argues, it is critical that women have the opportunity to compete in the Great Tech Game as players on an equal footing. The rules of the game must not continue to put them at a disadvantage. Anirudh Suri’s book is a brilliant and compelling read.

Reshma Saujani, Founder, Girls Who Code and Marshall Plan for Moms

Technology is the new wealth of nations and those who master the Great Tech Game will win. This lively, lucid, and well-researched book demystifies the rules of the game and offers a guide on how to be on the winning side.

Gurcharan Das, author of the Indian Trilogy: India Unbound, Difficulty of Being Good, and Kama: The Riddle of Desire

Technology is not merely reshaping our lives, it’s transforming geopolitics. Anirudh Suri’s cogent book provides a roadmap for anticipating what the brave, new, techno-global order will look like and how we can ensure it is governable and conducive to cooperation.

Mauro F. Guillén, Dean, Cambridge Judge Business School and bestselling author of 2030

Anirudh Suri provides a wide-ranging, learned, yet easy-to-read story of the world that we – Indians, Americans, and everyone else – inherited and now seek to manage successfully. Technology often shapes the story from pre-Christian era empires, through the Industrial Revolution, and into today’s digital age where China, India, and Europe struggle with the U.S. for that winning edge. But Suri smartly recognizes that other factors also determine who wins and who loses. In his words, “The ramifications of the churn and changes brought forth by the great games of a particular era are much more complex, long-lasting, and multi-layered than we often can anticipate or understand.” This book will make you think.

George Perkovich, Technology and International Affairs, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Anirudh Suri has written a wide ranging and comprehensive account of how technological innovation intertwines with geopolitics to shape the business environment. Written from a practitioners’ perspective, it will provide a useful map and compass for managers.

Martin Reeves, Chairman, BCG Henderson Institute

Digital technologies have transformed the geopolitical landscape, elevating platforms to the stature of nation states while leading us into a deeply uncertain phase of human history. Anirudh Suri’s book is the best guide so far to navigating this new world order. Rigorous yet readable, with piercing insights from history. You’ll devour it in one sitting, then return to it again.

Arun Sundararajan, New York University Professor and bestselling author of The Sharing Economy

The next thirty years will be very different. More liberalization, while necessary, will not be sufficient to lift hundreds of millions out of poverty. A new playbook is needed. This book outlines this playbook for India. It presents the context, outlines the “great game” that shapes today’s geopolitics, and frames the issues before us. It is a wonderfully easy read, and yet it brings important counter-intuitive insights to life. This is a terrific agenda-shaping book for our times.

Sharad Sharma, co-founder iSPIRT Foundation

Drawing lessons from history, Anirudh covers a vast array of topics on how technology is shaping us, our society, and the geopolitical landscape. It is a sheer delight to read this beautifully written book.

Sunil Gupta, Edward Carter Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School and Author, Driving Digital Strategy

As one of the first early stage venture investors in India, Anirudh’s journey has coincided with the massive boom in India’s tech journey. He has been witness to it all. In this book, Anirudh has combined his ringside view with insightful historical and systemic perspectives. And in urging that technology be designed in sync with the values we wish to uphold, he has hit the nail on the head.

This book will definitely change the way you will view the world of tech…a must read!

Nihal Mehta, Co-Founder, ENIAC Ventures

Every previous major technology changed the game, created new winners and losers but also indelibly shaped the lives of people. We are once again at such a moment of time as the unfolding digital game will change the future of society forever. And there will be winners and losers – we are already beginning to see the early signs. Basing on extensive research Anirudh Suri’s new book explores the complexities and nuances of the ‘Great Tech Game’ and provides highly useful insights and tips to come out a winner.

Arindam Bhattacharya, Senior Partner, Boston Consulting Group and author of Globality and Beyond Great

Anirudh Suri’s seminal book is a remarkable multi-century account of how tech is shaping our world and how we should be thinking about it. As the 21st century becomes a ‘digital century’ and data becomes the new factor of production, the perspectives in Anirudh’s book become ever more important.

CV Madhukar, CEO, Co-Develop and founder, PRS Legislative Research

The genius of Anirudh Suri’s book is the recognition that history is a series of ‘games’ between mental ‘world models’. It is refreshing and original, as he has done, to see history as a series of competitive games between civilizations…a very interesting way of seeing the world.

Robert U. Ayres, Emeritus Professor of Economics, Political Science, Technology Management, INSEAD

A fascinating look at the entire gamut of the tech world, with very interesting references to history. I learnt so much about the background to many of the recent events. Policy makers in India should read this to understand the opportunity we could lose if we don’t focus on making it easier to do fundamental, long term R&D and in India and building local talent and businesses.

Luis Miranda, Chairman, Indian School of Public Policy and Center for Civil Society

Mr. Suri has assembled a well-written, wide-angle view of the past, present, and future of mankind’s technological and geopolitical histories; you will not find a better treatment of the all-important entanglement of these two subjects. Read, enjoy, and learn.

William Bernstein, Author of The Birth of Plenty, A Splendid Exchange and The Four Pillars of Investing

Anirudh Suri´s The Great Tech Game is an indispensable read for those interested in the geopolitics of technology. The book covers a very wide range of topics from an interdisciplinary lens and manages to draw a complex picture about the emerging global politics of technology. From what makes countries competitive in the tech space, to the implications of losing the innovation race, to the way emerging technologies are affecting the distribution of global power. These are some of the central questions of economics and politics in the 21st century, which makes Suri’s essay an important contribution to the field of international relations and global affairs. learn..

Manuel Muñiz, Provost, IE University & Dean, IE School of Global and Public Affairs, Spain

About the Author

ANIRUDH SURI is the managing partner at India Internet Fund, a technology-focused venture capital fund based in India and the US. Previously, he has worked with the Government of India in Delhi, McKinsey and Company in New York, the Carnegie Endowment in Washington, D.C., and Goldman Sachs in London.

An alumnus of the Wharton School and the Harvard Kennedy School, he has written extensively on foreign policy, geopolitics, technology and entrepreneurship in publications such as The Indian Express, Foreign Policy, The New Republic, and Asia Times. Named a Goldman Sachs Global Leader, he has also served on the board of the Harvard Alumni Association.

He lives in Delhi with his wife and two daughters.

Twitter @AnirudhSuri

For all media, speaking and book enquiries, please contact Vandana Rathore ( or +91-97167-10010), or drop an email at


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