How does my high school’s page match up to Wikipedia’s standards?

I went to high school in Delhi (till 10th grade) and Singapore (‘A’ Levels). I was intrigued to find the Wikipedia page for my high school in Delhi, Mount St. Mary’s (MSM). The reason I am picking this page to evaluate is two fold: one, its close enough to my heart and life that I both care about it and know enough about it; and two, its not as popular a high school as Cathedral and John Connon School in Bombay or even Delhi Public School (RK Puram) in Delhi, so I was curious to see how much would have been written about it.

Happy as I was to find the Wikipedia page for MSM, I’m not sure if the page does justice to the school. A reader doesn’t necessarily leave with a good understanding of the school’s ethos and essence, let alone other aspects such as the richness of its student life, faculty and activities, and of course alumni.

As an alumnus, I would highlight several facts about the school. On the ethos and the values instilled in MSM students (or “Marians”), the article could speak about the values imbibed by the school. These values revolve around honesty, discipline, hard work, humility, teamwork and intellectual curiosity, in part derived from the Irish Catholic origins of the Patrician Brothers as well as the strong army/military influence due to the school’s location in the heart of Delhi’s Army Cantonment area.

In terms of the richness of student life, I would have highlighted the different active student activity clubs and sports teams that the school can boast of, including but by no means limited to the Debate Club, the Drama Club, the Quiz Team, the Tennis/ Basketball/ Cricket/ Soccer/ Taekwondo teams and others. In addition, the competitions that MSM hosts across a broad range of activities (from Brother Bergen’s Music Festival to inter-school sports tournaments such as Brother O’Brien to the Annual Sports Day) forms a key part of student life at MSM.

Similarly, on the faculty front, MSM has had several prominent teachers who have educated several generations of Indians, such as Mrs. Manjari Lopez, Mrs. Ruchi Mehta, and others. It would be remiss to exclude the life stories and commitment of these teachers who form the foundation of the school and its ability to achieve its mission. The page also fails to highlight a much longer list of illustrious alumni that the school has produced, as well as the sister school, Loreto Convent, which also plays a key role in MSM’s student life.

The sources I would consider adding would be online sources such as the school website, the school’s social media pages (Facebook/ LinkedIn/ Quora), and news and other articles about the school or its alumni/teachers/administrators as well as offline sources such as the school’s Annual YearBooks, the Literary Magazines, records of different inter-school competitions that the school has hosted or competed in, the School’s Handbook for Students, articles from the school newspaper, newspaper mentions, and others.

Some actual examples of these sources would be:

I think the limited scope of information included on the page is largely due to the fact that there are currently few contributors/editors of the page (less than 71 in total, and 2 in recent months). Also, the page has only recently been created (2011) so a lot of Marians, who hold a lot of the institutional knowledge, are either not aware of the page or are not active Wikipedia users.  In addition, low number of watchers (less than 30) and very few redirects to the page (2) also mean that there is not much care being taken to update the site and little traffic is being driven to the site.

On the whole, I would say there is a significant scope for improvement and additions to the page on various dimensions.

My own user page on Wikipedia (just created!) can be found here.

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